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Our Mission:

We believe that the potential of Gibraltar's young people is unlimited!

Who Is YE:

​Young Enterprise is the UK’s leading charity that empowers young people to harness their personal and business skills. YE make the connection between school and the world of work, enabling young people to develop the knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed, building on 8 key skills:

  • Communication

  • Confidence

  • Financial Capability

  • Initiative

  • Organisation

  • Problem-solving

  • Teamwork

  • Resilience

What is offered:

Something for every year of education from our Primary Programmes to our Secondary Programmes (including our year-long Company Programme) to the university-level Start-up. YE is the UK’s leading figure in personal and business skills and work with 3,482 educational centres across primary and secondary, delivering over 4 million learning hours each year.


What has been achieved:

Since it was established, 3.8 million young people have taken part in Young Enterprise programmes in the UK & Gibraltar. One million of these have run businesses for a year on our Company Programme. Now that the Scheme is established in Gibraltar we will be expanding our work to measure and evaluate the impact in real terms.

What motivates us:

In Gibraltar we are fortunate that youth unemployment is not at the levels it is in other European countries however we can always do better and opportunities for youth employability motivate us.

Why Are We Needed?

The case for young people to leave school able to be in control of their money and to plan for the future has never been stronger.  Children and young people encounter money earlier and earlier, spending and saving their pocket money, mobile phones, pre-paid cards and part time jobs.  Crucial decisions have to be taken about getting a job or living independently.  We owe it to the next generation to invest in their future.

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