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Westside School was first opened in 1982. It was built to provide proper facilities for the pupils of the Girls' Comprehensive School which had been in existence, spread over three different sites in the town area, since 1972. 


The original Girls' Comprehensive School was the result of the amalgamation of four girls' secondary schools: Loreto High School, St. Joseph's Secondary School, St. Margaret's School, and St. David's Commercial School.


It is our goal to ensure that our pupils feel valued and respected and we aim to help them acquire a passion for knowledge and a breadth of skills in order to afford them with the best possible learning experience. We believe that they will be leaders in whichever field of work, academic study or indeed personal interests they choose in their future. It is, therefore, our objective to encourage them to aspire to maximise their potential, believe in their capacity to do so and commit to achieve excellent results.  


We have an extremely positive work ethos, with very strong pastoral and academic guidance and a real emphasis on adding value to the Westside learning experience. We believe it is a happy, safe and enjoyable environment and that a positive atmosphere prevails. The opportunities we provide allows students to develop academically, socially and personally into responsible, caring and confident individuals. 


As a school, we strongly promote partnerships working together in the best interest of all our students. This will ensure that our pupils enjoy their learning journey, achieve exceptional results and succeed as aspirational, resilient future leaders.

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