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AquaGib provides its customers with an important service; but we want it to be more than just an important service. We want to offer a service that our customers can trust and believe in, delivered by a company that is rigorously measured and certified by International Standards and by a team that is focused on customer satisfaction.

The happiness and satisfaction of our customers is always at the forefront of everything we do, which is why we have worked towards, and met, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 9001:2015 standards for providing a quality management system. These standards are designed to help companies like AquaGib ensure that we meet the needs of all of our customers, whilst also meeting all the statutory and regulatory requirements related to the provision of a safe and healthy water supply.

The mission of AquaGib Limited is to be recognised as Gibraltar’s leading utility through the provision of efficient and sustainable water services.

We believe in doing the right thing and in being open and truthful with those who depend on us. 

We will always aim to do what we say and we will and keep environmental and social issues at the heart of our thinking.  Our performance is scrutinised by many external observers, including our regulators, and we will always maintain integrity and honesty.

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